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Insurance Services

Extensive Insurance

An extensive insurance policy in Spain is a must, even if you only have a holiday home or investment property in Spain. It is a legal requirement to have a Spanish buildings insurance policy with a property mortgage loan, as this is the bank’s guarantee if something should happen to the property.

Some banks offer life assurance policy as well, although this is not compulsory but can mean a discount on the interest rate on the mortgage.

The banks also offer buildings and contents insurance and although it is not compulsory to take this with the lender it also means a discounted interest rate on the mortgage and it is compulsory to have a building insurance set up before completing on the purchase/mortgage.

Prices are very reasonable so Spanish building &contents insurance is a worthwhile investment considering the cost of replacing furniture and valuables.

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It is possible to request policies in English as well as Spanish nowadays and the insurance products in Spain are becoming broad and competitive. Other types of insurance available include hunting, fishing, health, boats, bikes, construction, transport, communities and pets.

We use a number of insurance providers to ensure a good selection of products as well as the ability to choose the best policy for you.